For those not in the know about Box Jams, it is an intimate monthly event curated by two of Sheffield’s very best veteran DJs that runs one Friday a month. Standardly taking you on a vast musical journey- from early disco to fresh Detroit cuts, the diminutive nature of the night should in no way lead you to underestimate the talents of these two.

Having run huge parties in the past (including landmark Rough Disko and Warp events), we are honoured these two are coming out to play us some late night music from their frighteningly large record collection. With such a rich musical knowledge we have no idea where these guys are going to take us, the only thing we can predict about this set is that it will be very special indeed.


Returning for a second bout of STI action is Terrific. Resident DJ at Mike, the man has a repertoire wider than the Danube river, but for this event, he’s promised to keep things minimal. An astonishing musician as well as DJ and Producer, expect pitch perfect mixing and dramatic drops throughout.

Additionally, there will be the standard super residents Harry, Dweller and Donald, drinks offer, a mad for it crowd and all the good vibes you expect at STI. T’will be a winner, to be sure.

We really don’t enjoy leaving people out in the cold and apologise to all those who couldn’t get in last month. However, the Redhouse is by nature a little place, and there is a strict limit on how many people we can fit in. To guarantee entry get down early! We are open from 9 and if you get down before 10 you get in free. Yes.”